Where / When is Carnival?

Miami Carnival 22’ will be taking place during Columbus Weekend on Sunday, Oct. 9th at Miami Dade Fairgrounds – 10901 SW 24th St, Miami, FL 33165

Where / When is J’ouvert?

Miami J’ouvert 22’ will be taking place during Columbus Weekend on Saturday, Oct. 8th. Location – South Florida (TBA)

What amenities do I get with my GenX package for Sunday Mas?

Freshly made breakfast & lunch, delicious omelet & mimosa station, 52ft mobile bar with fully staffed expert bartenders, unlimited premium liquor, snow cones (alcoholic & non-alcoholic available), and mobile bathrooms

Is the price of the costume inclusive of anything other than the costume itself?

In addition to the stunning GenX costume and the amenities listed above for Mas also included are – complimentary V-Kut Stockings for all female costumes, GenX Goody Bag, GenX road concierge, GenX private security, entrance to the park, and access to the Miami carnival concert, monster music truck with digital screens, and top local and international DJ’s.

What is included in the J’ouvert package?

Our J’ouvert package includes your J’ouvert clothing option (T-shirt, Tank, bodywear), breakfast, GenX drawstring Bag, waterproof phone case, paint, powder, unlimited premium liquor, GenX private security, admission to the park, monster music truck with digital screens, and top local and international DJ’s

Is it possible to change costumes once you’ve already registered or cancel your package?

No, the costumes have already started production and cannot be changed, nor can we refund deposits made. Please email customerservice@genxcarnival.com and the coordinator will contact you.

If we paid a partial deposit for our costume, when and how do we pay the remaining balance?

9/2/22 – remaining balance due. You can log in at any time before 9/2/22 and apply payments to your balance. We will also have IG posts, stories, and email blast with payment reminders.

Does the costume registration include J’ouvert or will I have to register for that separately?

J’ouvert registration is separate from your carnival registration, you can however conveniently register for both J’ouvert and your mas costume at the same time.

Is there a T-shirt/bodysuit / wristband section for Miami Carnival?

Due to regulations per the official Miami Broward Carnival, t-shirt or wristband only packages are not available. We do however have a wide range of costume options for your desired coverage.

I pre-registered but my desired section is sold out, what can I do?

Pre-registration guarantees you the section of your choice until July 31st, 2022, if section is marked as sold out before aforementioned date please reach out to customerservice@genxcarnival.com to get registered.

I am not sure of the size I picked, what size would you recommend?

Use the size chart below as a guide.

Is the collar the smaller backpack in the picture of the backline costumes?

The collar piece is the smaller feather piece, and the backpack is the larger feather piece. Traditionally, collars are associated with backline options and backpacks are associated with frontline options, however for most sections we allow you to mix and match

Is there any way to just pay for the frontline bodywear without the backpack?

At the moment, this varies per costume. If available for your desired section, you will see the option to choose at checkout.

Is there an age limit?

We welcome all ages, shapes, and sizes. Must be 21+ to drink. Appropriate wristbands will be given out at Mas Camp (costume pickup).

Do you guys only serve a certain number of drinks on the road? Like a ticket system?

If you are 21+ your wristband gives you access to unlimited premium liquor.

When can I pick up my costume?

Mas Camp will be open October 3-7th,specific times will be released later with exact dates of each costume. You may pick up your costume On or after the specific drop date for your section.

Can my costume be mailed?

Costumes are only available for pick up in person at mas camp or to be delivered the week of by an authorized delivery service.

Can my friend pick up my costume?

Our registration website allows you to designate an authorized person to pick up your costume.

What time will meals be served during the parade?

Breakfast is available immediately at the beginning of the parade and lunch will be served once the procession starts and available for the duration of the parade.