Do’s and Don’ts of Feteing with Your Significant Other

Many people might love the idea of partying with your significant other, but no one wants it to lead to an argument. It is very easy to have a good night out with your boo at a fete, but it’s even easier to have a bad one. With this said, we came up with a few do’s and don’ts to ensure that you have a good time liming with your significant other and that the night ends with good vibes and good wines.

​First and foremost, it would be in a couple’s best interest to discuss boundaries before going out together. In some cases, these things might already be understood based on your partner’s character, but it might be safer to have your partner advise you on what could cause problems.

1. Don’t get overly drunk to the point that your significant other has to be carrying you out of the fete. This will not only ruin their night, but you will most likely wake up to one piece of cussing in the morning which, on top of a hangover, will kill your whole day. This does not mean you can’t have a few drinks to feel nice in the fete but remember, everything in moderation!

2. Do spend time with your significant other in the party: don’t pull up together just to go link with your friends and leave your partner behind. Give your significant other a good wine, a hug and kiss them up like you should. Giving your partner the right kind of attention, especially when out drinking will definitelyensure that your night will end successfully! Again, remember moderation though, do not hover over your partner in the party. Let them enjoy themselves a little bit and lime with their friends while you do the same.

3. Do invite your friends to come party with you and bae. Having your friends and significant other party together will inevitably optimize the experience for everyone involved. Don’t disrespect your partner or break any of the agreements you discussed while you are with your friends, whether they be male or female. Although you may want to sneak a quick wine from someone, it is best to avoid engaging in an activity that might cause problems for you and your partner later. Remember, you want your partner to feel comfortable and secure so that they don’t question your behavior when you’re out with your friends.

4. Do be sure you take some time to buss a slow wine on your man/woman. Romancing each other up a little bit and showingaffection is a crucial aspect of a healthy relationship. However, Don’t go overboard with the PDA. Do leave the theatrics and crazy daggering to Marvin the Beast. You don’t want to make your friends and the other people around feel uncomfortable. Reserve certain actions for behind closed doors please!

5. Don’t start unnecessary drama. No causing scenes and embarrassing yourself and your partner in the fete. Not only will this ruin the night for you and your partner, but it might impact the night of your friends and everyone else around. Save the arguments for home. If something needs to be addressed immediately, pull your partner aside to quietly and privately hash out the problem.

Keeping these Do’s and Don’ts in mind the next time you and your significant other go out feteing, or even when you’re playing mas this year with GenX will save you the headache and maybe even the heartache that comes with the nature of Caribbean parties. We want to ensure you and your boo enjoy partying together and always end the night with good vibes.

By: Aleya Howard