Part Angel, Part Warrior, All Goddess!!

Unyielding in her resolve, uncompromising in her will. Fearless, powerful, beautiful. A sight to behold and a force to be reckoned with… We introduce to you, Valkyrie

Designed by : Shawn Dhanraj
Marketed by: Love Peace Soca

Backline – $350
Includes: Bra, Bikini, Tiara, Chain Shawl, Thigh Pieces

Add Small Backpack – $95
Add Large Backpack – $345
Add V Cut StocKings – $30

Frontline – $695 
Includes: Monokini, Tiara, Chain Shawl, Thigh Pieces, Backpack

Male – $325 
Includes: Headband, Chest Piece, Belt, Shorts

Book Backline (sold out!) Book Frontline (sold out!) Book Male (sold out!) All costumes

GenX Amenities

• Hot breakfast and lunch
• Omelette and mimosa station
• 52ft Mobile bar
• Unlimited Premium liquor
• Snow cones alcoholic and non alcoholic
• Rum sickles
• GenX road concierges
• GenX Private security
• Entrance to the park
• Monster music truck with digital screens
• Top local and international Dj’s