Sovereignty, Power, Control, all to be yearned for, but at what cost?

Majestic Opulence, Unbridled Power, Kingdom-wide adoration, these are the birthright of Royalty. An entitlement bestowed upon us by our forefathers, ensuring the lineage of Kings and Queens transcend time itself. Time is a servant to no-one and suitors to your rule will emerge; are you prepared to preserve your REIGN!!!

Designed by : Lila Nikole
Marketed by: Lila Nikole

Backline – $350
Includes: Padded Bra and Monokini, Tiara, Arm Pieces, Thigh Pieces

Add Small Backpack – $125
Add Large Backpack – $330
Add V cut StocKings – $30

Super Frontline – $725
Includes: Monokini, Tiara, Neck Pieces, Arm Pieces, Wrist Pieces, Thigh Pieces, Super Frontline Backpack

Male – $350
Includes: Feathered Headpiece, Arm Pieces, Chest Piece, Belt, Shorts

Book backline (sold out!) Book frontline (sold out!) Book Male (sold out!) All costumes

GenX Amenities

• Hot breakfast and lunch
• Omelette and mimosa station
• 52ft Mobile bar
• Unlimited Premium liquor
• Snow cones alcoholic and non alcoholic
• Rum sickles
• GenX road concierges
• GenX Private security
• Entrance to the park
• Monster music truck with digital screens
• Top local and international Dj’s