Phoenix Rising

The phoenix symbolizes resurrection and life after death. Perseverance and overcoming struggles.

The smell of ash tickles the nostrils, the crisp, dry air brushes against the skin, in an instant, engulfed in the flames of change, and yet from this turmoil we rise anew!! Regenerated, Reinvigorated, Soaring above all that came before us…. Welcome Phoenix Rising!!

Designed by : David Dewar
Marketed by: ShorBlu

Backline – $350
Includes: Bra, Bikini, Tiara, Neck Piece, Arm Pieces, Leg Pieces, Thigh Pieces

Add Small Backpack – $125
Add Large Backpack – $395
Add V cut StocKings – $30

Frontline – $795
Includes: Wire Bra and Bikini, Tiara, Neck Piece, Arm Pieces, Thigh Pieces, Frontline Backpack

Male – $350 
Includes: Headband, Chest Piece, Arm Pieces, Belt, Shorts, Leg Pieces

Book backline (Sold Out!) Book Frontline (sold out!) Book Male (SOLD OUT!) All costumes

GenX Amenities

• Hot breakfast and lunch
• Omelette and mimosa station
• 52ft Mobile bar
• Unlimited Premium liquor
• Snow cones alcoholic and non alcoholic
• Rum sickles
• GenX road concierges
• GenX Private security
• Entrance to the park
• Monster music truck with digital screens
• Top local and international Dj’s