Beautiful, Unassuming, Addictive

Lured by your beauty and charm, I’m helpless to your smile. Your touch is euphoric. Your taste is Nirvana. You have had many before me, but my desire compels me to try and claim you for my own. I’m drowning in your passion; my addiction knows no bounds. I’m left desperate for your love… You are my… OPIUM!!

Designed by: Daryl and Curtis Eustace
Marketed by: Eustace Mas

Backline – $425 w/collar  ($395 w/o collar)
Bra and Jeweled Bikini, Tiara, All Jewelry, Feathered Collar 

Midline – $595
Includes: Monokini, Arm Piece, Feathered Headpiece, All Jewelry, Foot Feathers

Ultra Frontline – $825
Includes: Monkini, Tiara, Arm Pieces, Thigh Pieces, Backpack

Male – $325
Includes: Headband, Arm Pieces, Chest, Belt, Shorts, Leg Pieces

Add-Ons Available

  • Leg Chains (Pair) – $25
  • Belly Belt – $35
  • Backline Foot Feathers (Pair) – $50
  • High Waist Panty – $50
  • Collar – $65
  • Wire Bra – $85
  • Frontline Foot Feather (Pair) – $95
  • V Cut StocKings – $30
Book Backline Book Frontline Book Ultra Frontline Book Male All costumes

GenX Amenities

• Hot breakfast and lunch
• Omelette and mimosa station
• 52ft Mobile bar
• Unlimited Premium liquor
• Snow cones alcoholic and non alcoholic
• Rum sickles
• GenX road concierges
• GenX Private security
• Entrance to the park
• Monster music truck with digital screens
• Top local and international Dj’s